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     Welcome to the New Zealand Wing Tsun Association, learn from Sifu Peter Yu and his qualified instructors, all N.Z.W.T.A instructors are personally trained by Sifu Peter Yu to meet his high standards. This insures quality tuition and a safe training environment. If you have never done martial arts before, don't be afraid to come along to any of the classes. You will learn best in a comfortable friendly environment and you will always train with students of similar levels and skills.

    The Wing Tsun system was initially devised by a woman, to protect her against a much stronger attacker, she devised a system that would work with and not against the power of an attacker.

    This fact sets the Wing Tsun system apart from other martial styles where power and size determine success.

     There are three empty hand forms in the Wing Tsun system. The first form is Siu Nim Tau (meaning Little Idea). Chum Kiu (Searching the Bridge) is the second and Biu Jee (Thrusting Fingers) is the third form.

Wing Tsun is conceptual rather than methodical i.e. instead of using this technique against this attack, Wing Tsun practitioners use their sensitivity and centreline to nullify an attack. This gives the Wing Tsun practitioner more options without having to think.

     Wing Tsun training will teach you to direct the force of an attack against the attacker, i.e. to 'borrow' the energy of the attacker, 'charging up' one's own body and then effortlessly redirecting the energy back against its source. The Leung Ting system is one of the very few self defence systems that prepare you for every phase of a fight, using feet, fists, elbows and knees.

     All beginners learning Wing Tsun must start with practicing Siu Nim Tau before moving to the second and third forms.

     Wing Tsun meets the demand of appropriate force which leads itself for use by law enforcement agencies, as used by overseas agencies such as C.I.A, F.B.I and many European law enforcement agencies.





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