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     Chum Kiu is the second form in the Yip Man style of Wing Tsun. Chum Kiu, or searching the bridge, teaches the student how to bridge with the opponent. While Siu Nim Tau shows how to control ones self, Chum Kiu teaches how to control others.

     While Siu Lim Tao is performed in a stationary stance, Chum Kiu introduces footwork to the Wing Tsun student. Namely stance turning (Juen), stepping (Seung), and kicking (Tek) also punching techniques; pall kuen (circular punch). Chum Kiu will show how to link hand movements with footwork. Chum Kiu requires a lot more co-ordination than Siu Nim Tau and as such should not be attempted until a student fully understands the Siu Nim Tau form.

    The Chum Kiu form teaches the Wing Tsun fighter how to control his opponent through the "bridge", which is defined as the physical contact of his arms and legs with his opponent. It is through this contact that the opponent is dominated, because the Chum Kiu practitioner has trained his sensory abilities through Chi Sau (sticky hands). This sensory ability allows the practitioner to read his opponent's movements and intentions through simple physical contact, and can respond instantly with appropriate deflections, traps, and devastating counter-attacks.





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