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NZ Wing Tsun Senior Instructors

   Sifu Garry Hughes (Shanghai)

   Sifu Grant Smith (Wellington)

   Sifu Robert Chitty (Auckland) .

   Senior Instructor Edmund Osa

   Instructor Anton Marsden

   Instrcutor David Cutler

   Instructor Miki Schmidt

   Instructor Philippa Parsons

   Assistant Instructor Aiden Young

   Assistant Instructor Axel Soh

   Assistant Instructor Michael Chen

   Assistant Instrcutor Roland Wong

   Assistant Instructor Warren Sow











The Association’s motto is ‘Sut Duk Geem Sau’

“To practice martial techniques and
cultivate ethical virtues together.”

The Association teaches traditionally, all students are expected to be on time, to train diligently and have an attitude to learn.