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Sifu Peter Yu

Sifu Peter Yu started training Wing Tsun Kung Fu in 1974 under Tam Hun Fan. Tam Hun Fan was a student of Grandmaster Dr. Leung Ting.

In 1995, Sifu Peter Yu moved to Auckland and The New Zealand Wing Tsun Association was formed in 1998.

Sifu who resides in both Auckland and Wellington, opened a branch in Wellington. The Wellington branch has over 40 students, and has a set number of intakes per year.

Auckland has 30 students and each week Sifu commutes between Auckland and Wellington to teach and guide his students in traditional Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

The Association’s motto is ‘Sut Duk Geem Sau’

“To practice martial techniques and
cultivate ethical virtues together.”

The Association teaches traditionally, all students are expected to be on time, to train diligently and have an attitude to learn.