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Sifu Robert Chitty

   Sifu Robert Chitty started his training in 1986 under one of Sifu Peter Yu’s student in Auckland and then directly under Sifu Peter Yu since 1994 to this day.

Sifu Robert Chitty has achieved high ranking status in the Tam Hun Fan/Dr. Leung Ting Wing Tsun system, is a Hilary Commission certified sporting coach, with over 20 years experience in Wing Tsun Kung Fu and is one of the four (4th Level) certified instructors of the NZ Wing Tsun Association.

Besides continuing his training with Sifu Peter Yu and assisting at the Auckland Onehunga Club.




The Association’s motto is ‘Sut Duk Geem Sau’

“To practice martial techniques and
cultivate ethical virtues together.”

The Association teaches traditionally, all students are expected to be on time, to train diligently and have an attitude to learn.